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We are sorry to report that Forging Glory has been discontinued.  

If you're looking for similar game featuring stylish physics-based combat, but a wee-bit less blinding, check out NO RELOADING!

Forging Glory, effectively a looter shooter, was built by a hilariously tiny team over 5+ years.  We sought community feedback to help the game grow and mature.

Forging Glory was a physics-based looter brawler with limitless player customization; letting you experience the glory of brutal gladiatorial combat in a futuristic, virtual world.

"Mordhau's kinetic action meets Path of Exile's customization."

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Decapitate, dismember, shatter, and mutilate avatars built of light! You're a God of the arena, annihilating all who challenge you.

Combat is all about skill in Forging Glory. You must aim your attacks, and your blocks. There are no magic "random swing" or "block all" buttons!

Create the perfect avatars to fit each battle and play-style using limitless weapons and items.

Earn glory by pleasing the crowd, leading you to greater rewards and fame!


  • Single-player and multiplayer dynamic campaigns, with 6 game modes.
  • Fully customizable classless character system.
  • Physics-based combat with 7 unique weapon types.
  • 70+ modifiers and 300+ special abilities to mix and match.
  • Build a demon, a humanoid castle, or a blend! Many skins to mix and match, all earned without microtransactions!

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where do I download?

I am sorry to report Forging Glory has been discontinued.