Fix-y Update

Today, we fixed a myriad of small issues that our beta testers have encountered the last two weeks.

  • Explosion trait results were ignoring their range! Yikes!
  • New accounts now fetch their Steam names, instead of relying on a second login.
  • Weapons with elemental damage were not showing their effects.
  • Replaced the infamous "slurp" sound associated with life leach with a pleasing choral hum :-).  RIP "slurp."
  • Added View Application Data Folder button in Options, to make it easier for players to send logs to us.
  • Server log files will now appear in AppData, like the client log files. This makes it easier for players to send us logs, plus read/write permission issues.
  • Fixed issue with players who had special characters, particularly quotes, in their Steam names.

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