"I'll get my Wrench" Update

Today we've released an update fixing and tweaking numerous items reported by our beta players:

  • Potential fix for campaign progress not saving on rare occasions!
  • Auto-block highlights now show an icon, instead of tinting the weapon blue. (May also alleviate a potential memory leak.)
  • GIF generator will now ignore style combos, which should make it a bit better at picking cool moments.
  • One hand weapons (particularly the sword) will now "untangle" itself from the shield when wearing both.
  • Crossbow no longer "vibrates" when moving and turning.
  • Fixed bug with timer not reaching zero at the end of the match, or being offset when joining a match late.
  • Rebalanced items earned. New players will no longer earn 8 items on their second match, oops!
  • Reduced likelihood of avatars desyncing between clients.
  • Fixed bug with armor crushing effect, where it'd constantly play an annoying sound that'd be cut off.
  • Added warning for players with Norton, asking them to add Forging Glory to their firewall exceptions.