The Big Trait Update Has Arrived!

We are proud to announce that our big trait update has been released! This has been a gigantic update, finally expanding and polishing one of our least developed features.

Major features:

  • Dozens of hand-made traits, including: throw weapon, dash, explosive attacks, Tesla coil, elemental attacks, slippery ice, healing, and more!
  • New trait HUD in lower right, with icons, cool down displayed in text, and progress bars.
  • All campaign factions now offer at least one item with a trait. Traits for everyone!
  • Reduced jiggling of weapons when moving. It looks darn silky smooth!
  • Added "style combo" system, similar to other fighting games. However, you are scored on uniqueness of your attacks. For example: a critical hit + flanking hit + knock down is worth MUCH more than three critical hits. This is represented by the yellow bar HUD at the bottom center of the screen. To continue the combo, you need to hit an enemy before the yellow bar runs out.
  • Spear attack speed has been reduced, but damage has been increased. Tell us what you think!
  • Avatars now naturally space themselves apart, whereas previously they could overlap each other and get into tangled ugly masses. Very much helps readability of big battles.

Other improvements and fixes:

  • Crosshairs show a white X when hitting a target. A red X for killing a target.
  • Damage scaling: at the bottom of each avatar's stats, there is a "Offensive Scaling" and "Damage Scaling" stat. These represent bonus damage and bonus resistances awarded as the match progresses. In effect, an offensive character will be even MORE powerful at the end of the match, and a defensive character will be super resilient at the end of the match. Overall, this makes your avatar choices have a bigger impact, creating a fever pitch toward the end of each match.
  • Voxel shop items now increase price at a much slower rate, so you're not panicking to buy your desired item as fast as possible.
  • New pretty, glowy, projectile charge effect. Easier on the eyes, and easier to read from a distance.
  • Items that are equipped by the current avatar, but in a different slot, are now hidden. It makes equipping arm and single-hand items more clear.
  • The winning team in the top left now has a bolder score, so it's easier to see who is winning.
  • Increased energy HUD size.
  • Increased trait HUD size.
  • Thickened quest progress bars.
  • Quest progress bars now state overall goal and current goal as separate text descriptions.
  • Projectile weapons now show shots per second, instead of the individual modifiers that compose firing rate.
  • Reduced camera shake on projectile hits.
  • Modifier values are now rounded to a maximum of two decimal points.
  • Attempted to reduce arm wiggle. May not be perfect.
  • Acceleration multiplier modifier, so you can get to your maximum speed quicker.
  • Elemental resistance modifiers.
  • Made weapon pick-ups easier.
  • Multi-hit no longer can hit the same enemy more than once.
  • Blood drunk count is now displayed on the right side.
  • Your previously played avatar will now appear in the main menu, for your enjoyment.
  • New sell weapon sound.
  • First avatar is automatically "chosen" for spawning, so you don't have to select it in the role selection window.
  • At the end of the match, only enemies lose their weapons. The winning team can have fun smashing the opposing team to bits.
  • C no longer opens the inventory.
  • Fixed Discord message template for precise shots.
  • You can now type period in the browser.
  • Main menu buttons gray out instead of disappear when logged out.
  • Removed main menu jaggies.

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