Bugicide Update

Last night we released another patch, which provided some substantial performance improvements and other bug fixes! At this point, we're just making up silly titles for these more bug-fix-oriented patches, haha.


Team Reinforcements

  • When a team loses an arena on a campaign map, they will "reinforce" another arena. This means difficulty will increase as you slowly wipe an enemy team off the map.
  • Fortification is now more clearly labeled as Difficulty on the campaign map.
  • Mouse and movement controls now use smooth delta time, meaning framerate jumps shouldn't be as catastrophic.
  • GREATLY decreased CPU and GPU load, which helps action fluidity immensely. (Browser was eating a lot of cycles despite being closed.)
  • Active matches on campaign map now show which teams are involved.


No Procedural Skybox

  • Fixed a potential crash when joining a match mid-game.
  • Fixed score desync between client and and server.
  • Procedurally generated skyboxes have been disabled, at least for now, in an attempt to attempt to discover a potential texture memory leak.
  • EULA text is back.
  • Bandwidth warning threshold tweaked.


Missing Linked GIFs

  • Fixed URL bug that prevented linked GIFs from being posted into Discord. This pretty much resolves all known GIF issues.
  • Threaded completion events now occur on the correct thread. This should fix a myriad of "random" bugs, such as server crashes while joining mid-match.
  • Norton Security warning window will no longer cause an exception.
  • Consolidated .NET Framework usage to .NET 4.7.2.
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 now installed via Steam.

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