(Re)introduction Update

Reintroduction Update

This update adds a proper introduction to the story, tutorials, and more, to Micro Annihilation!

Big thanks to the players on Discord, who continually guide Micro Annihilation!


  • At the start and end of every mission, you now get to watch your command ship fly in and out of the underground hangar!
  • You can finally see what a "Micronian," a member of the United Armies, looks like! They're kinda cute!  
    ...and positively tiny! Flowers for scale!
  • Added three hand-crafted missions, which teach the player how to fly their command ship, how to build their base, and how to lose. Yeah, you read the last one right.


  • Supply run and resource rush mission metal deposits now give 2X resources.
  • The camera now "flies" to your command craft at the start of each mission. A little bit of cinematic spice.
  • The Military Operations Mainframe, also known as MOM, will now inform you if you have unoccupied rare earth metal deposits.

Research Topics

  • Command craft booster now has a prerequisite research topic, ensuring it is available at an appropriate time.
  • Toxian Biology now unlocks the ability to gather intelligence on Toxian commanders.
  • Research button is now disabled if there are no research topics available.


  • Melee units should now do a better job of getting in melee range than previously. Math is hard.
  • Enemy commanders now have their damage line up better with their animation.
  • Basic black ants now spawn the same time as their queens, which substantially reduces the difficulty of the early game.
  • Doubled flak cannon projectiles, halved physical damage.
  • Missile quad, missile launcher, and missile turret's turret vertical angle flexibility increased dramatically, allowing for easier acquisition of air targets.
  • Increased missile launcher range against targets above them, principally, air units.

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