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Micro Annihilation will place you in control of a secret paramilitary organization called the United Armies. But, their greatest secret is not that they have military forces hidden around the globe... it's that they are miniscule!

As supreme commander, you must defend against a new, mysterious, global... insect invasion!? It is up to you to investigate the strange new threat, manage resources, research advanced technologies, and deploy your troops around the world.

Micro Annihilation draws homage from beloved strategy titles, such as Dune, Command & Conquer, Supreme Commander, X-COM, and Total War, throwing in the twist, "What if you were only an inch tall?"

Key Features

  • COMMAND YOUR MINIATURE ARMY across recognizable environments. (Not unlike many of us did as kids with our toys, but this time, with many more explosions!)
  • TAKE COMMAND FROM A FIRST-PERSON PERSPECTIVE in your unique hovering command unit. Tiny tanks cannot open doors, but maybe your command craft can break them down with a good push...
  • CONSTRUCT BASES by literally air-dropping your structures into the battlefield!
  • USE AUTOMATED TRANSPORTS to tactically deploy your troops onto inaccessible surfaces!
  • RESEARCH ADVANCED TECHNOLOGIES to unleash an array of units, from sturdy tanks to nimble, jet-powered, laser-wielding gunships!
  • SQUISH AND EXPLODE an impressive spectrum of [REDACTED].
  • UNEARTH THE LORE of the mysterious foe, and your own miniscule civilization.

Early Access

The game is currently under development! I am posting updates frequently based on user feedback, so please provide your constructive criticism!

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