"I'll Get My Wrench" Update

First and foremost: THANK YOU FOR ALL THE FEEDBACK! Particularly, you Discord folk have been the best!

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World Map Changes

  • All territories can now be selected, and give a plethora of information.
  • You now earn passive income based on territories owned, and adjacent Toxian territories.
  • Added completion percentages to research topic buttons.

  • Added summaries to all research topics, separating the vital information from the lore.
  • Greatly increased the invisible soft cap on returning resources from missions.
  • Reduced enemy tech level progression through campaign. This should make the early game much easier.
  • Delayed the appearance of any of the advanced ants.

Battlefield Changes

  • After many days of sweat and tears, it should be tremendously more difficult for units to spawn inside inaccessible areas.

  • Added Command Craft Booster research. Once researched, hold SHIFT to boost your speed.
  • Each pellet in a flak cannon shot now deals 4 damage, instead of 1.
  • Increased flamethrower damage from 5 to 7.
  • Increased Laser Tank cost from 1000 to 1500.
  • Severely reduced area of effect from giant ant bites.
  • Rare Earth Metal Extractors now snap to their deposits.

  • Added rally point flag icons.

  • Turrets and supply depots now show their weapon and repair radii respectively.

  • Enemies will now send reinforcements at a fairer pace, quantity, and quality.
  • The difficulty of resource extraction missions should be less erratic.
  • Added "Return to World Map" button after a mission fails or succeeds.
  • Gave melee units a bit more range leniency.
  • Revised Ground Command strategic icon to accurately represent what it builds.
  • Added build preview to buildings that are under construction.

  • Music now recognizes when excitement level goes up, and amps up the music accordingly.

General Changes

  • The print screen key now takes a screenshot. You can go to the folder in Options.

All Changes

Every single change, itemized. Have fun.

  • World map nodes can now be selected, regardless of whether there is a mission.
  • World map node panel now displays owner faction.
  • Updated Ground Command strategic icon.
  • Units cannot climb the barn ramp.

  • Flak cannon damage 1 to 4 damage.
  • Passive income: metal from every node you own.
  • Passive income: biopolymers from each node that is adjacent to Toxians.
  • For timed missions like resource extraction, enemy reinforcements tech level now based on for time through mission.
  • Gave melee enemies a bit more leniency, particularly if they are large.
  • Increased options window size.
  • Supply depot no longer acts as a radar.
  • Build buttons now trigger mouse over events correctly.
  • Main menu posted note text is now black.
  • Send enemy reinforcements if no damage given or dealt in one minute.
  • Resource missions should no longer fail if you have very few units at the end of the mission.
  • Construction yard explosions was not using sound mixer, and thus oftentimes louder than other sounds.
  • Larvae death squeals are not using sound mixer, and thus oftentimes louder than other sounds.
  • Mission accomplished takes forever. Add a button.
  • Increased flame thrower damage from 5 to 7.
  • Increased laser tank cost. 1000 to 1500.
  • Added rally point flag.
  • Player can now receive an audible "Collector under attack" warning.
  • Added build preview on buildings that are under construction.
  • Initial enemy units that spawn on map now better respect enemy's tech level.
  • Show supply depot radius
  • Increased font size on research/knowledge base. Headers now use bigger font size, instead of blurry bold.
  • Mission results state why no resources were collected.
  • Severely reduced AOE from giant ants.
  • Turret radius now visible in build preview.

  • Rare earth metals extractors now snap to their deposits.
  • Buildings are now less sensitive to sloped terrain.
  • Enemy reinforcements now avoid spawning too close to a player's unit.
  • Increased mission timer font size.
  • Added screenshot button.
  • Added background to tooltip.
  • Tool tips are now easier to read with the new background.
  • Added Command Craft Booster research. Once researched, hold SHIFT to increase your speed.

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