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Super Cat Herding: Totally Awesome Edition is a simple yet hilarious game where you herd super-powered kittens, fight aliens, and destroy the world to solve the mystery of the missing catnip!

Crazy Tools and Superpowers

From laser pointers to the Kitten Cannon, over 15 tools and superpowers for you to experiment with!

Destructible World, Popular References, Mean Robots, and Evil Aliens!

Guide your superpowered minions to destroy nearly everything you encounter, all for a good cause, and a few laughs!

Charity Contributions

This would not have been possible without the existence of our kitten overlords, so 10% of every game sale goes to The Anti-Cruelty Society, as voted by the community.

Keyboard/Mouse or VR

Creating chaos with your keyboard and mouse works great, or get even closer to your menacing balls of fur in your Vive headset if that’s how you roll!

Hilarious Outcomes

Did we mention the tools and superpowers stack? Fire breathing kittens with jet packs? Check. Bouncy kittens hyped up on caffeinated treats? Done. What will you create?

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